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Structural/Civil Design in Concrete, Steel and Wood

Inspections and Condition Assessments of Steel and Concrete Structures

Structural Design,

Inspection and Repairs of Trestle/Bent Structures

Inspections and Repairs of

Steel and Concrete

Mine Headframes



Cooling Tower Structural

Inspections and Repairs

Inspection and Repairs of Concrete Dams and Water Control Structures

Inspection and Repairs

of Concrete Stacks

Design of Walkways and

Access Platforms

Design of Lifting Devices

(Monorails, Lugs, Hitches etc)

Mine Shaft Inspections and Repairs

Shaft Loading Station Inspections

and Repairs

Structural Inspection,
Design and Repairs of Underground Structures and Facilities

(Refuge Stations,

Ventilation Doors,

Fan Stations, Grizzly’s,

Kiruna Chutes etc.)

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